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downtown Nashville, TN skyline reflected in the cumberland river

The Rhythm of JOY!

A transformational retreat for women longing to rediscover rest, play, and connection in Nashville, TN

pink nashville guitar for women

October 17 - 21, 2024

Presented in partnership by:

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Are you a woman feeling overwhelmed, like you're carrying it all, burned out, stuck, or exhausted? Want to fall back in love with your life and have more fun, but aren’t sure how to?


Do you long for a community of like-minded, supportive, kind, intelligent, extraordinary women?

Or maybe you're simply craving a fabulous getaway that goes deeper than your average vacation....

If this is you, join us in vibrant "Music City" Nashville, TN for 4 nights and 3 magical days of transformation and tons of fun - with music at the heart of it all.


Within our circle of fun-loving, deeply-feeling women and highly skilled coaches, you’ll find support, clarity, renewal, and joy while experiencing the best of Nashville’s music scene led by an industry insider. You'll come home with a new song in your heart - empowered, renewed, joyful, and hopeful. 


You’ve spent the last two days in the heart of Nashville, immersing yourself in its history and vibrance. You’ve savored delicious meals, toured the honky tonks, and come alive with two days of deep coaching that’s made you feel the most playful and peaceful you’ve felt in a long time. You get “the hype” – Nashville is amazing; a rich city infused with life and creativity.


Now it’s time for something truly rare. With your new friends, you journey to a beautiful home in the countryside just outside of the city. The crickets sing their rhythmic evening song as you’re welcomed into a well-known songwriter’s house. This is the night you’ve been waiting for!


With a glass of wine in-hand, you relax in a circle of friends and award-winning female songwriters who are playing their most uplifting and empowering music, live, just for this group. This is not just a performance; it's a circle for sharing, reflecting, and  celebrating through storytelling and song. You are welcomed exactly the way you are. In this healing space, you feel a deep safety, joy, and connection with yourself and others that you haven't felt in years... or maybe ever.

It's a beautiful, crisp October morning in Nashville, TN. The leaves are turning vivid shades of red, gold, and orange. You sip your morning coffee while relaxing in a rocking chair on the porch of an historic mansion right on famed music row.


You hear the gentle hum of the city as it's waking up, and see songwriters and producers driving to "the row" for their first recording session of the day. 

Later, chatting with new friends, you walk up the lively street, passing legendary studios where some of your favorite music has been recorded. You arrive at the studio where Dolly Parton recorded "Jolene" and Elvis recorded hundreds of songs and are invited to step inside. 

You feel excited, playful, and curious. You can feel the magic emanating from the walls, and you feel inspired by the welcoming community of creative souls who thrive here. 

a cup of coffee from nashville tn barista parlor being served at the rhythm of joy women's retreat
songwriter life coach Rebekah Powell plays guitar and sings music for women at the rhythm of joy coaching retreat in nashville tn

Later, you head out to the breathtaking, idyllic countryside to gather at a well-known songwriter's house with our group of extraordinary women. You're welcomed with a hearty "hey y'all!" by your hosts. You indulge in delicious local barbecue with "all the fixin's."

Feeling comfortable, happy and fulfilled, you sip a glass of wine in the cozy living room and gather around the grand piano. A guitar gets passed around, and you listen to a group of professional female songwriters share their deepest and most moving songs and the stories behind them. This is not just a performance - this is a circle for sharing, reflecting, and celebrating through storytelling and song. 

You can hardly believe you're here. You feel deeply moved, seen, and validated by their stories, and uplifted and encouraged by their music. 

You feel a deep sense of safety and belonging... so connected to all of these compassionate, supportive women you have so much in common with. 

nashville countryside in october. green field and orange trees on hillsides where the rhythm of joy women's coaching retreat is
woman smiles with joy and happiness on the rhythm of joy retreat in nashville, tn
downtown nashville lower broadway neon signs outside the honky tonk at the rhythm of joy retreat in nashville tn - an empowerment retreat for women

Nashville is the perfect place to reconnect
with your creativity and play 

guitar surrounded by hearts on the rhythm of joy retreat for women in nashville tn hosted by life coaches June Grushka-Rosen and songwriter Rebekah Powell
guitar surrounded by hearts on the rhythm of joy retreat for women in nashville tn hosted by life coaches June Grushka-Rosen and songwriter Rebekah Powell

There is no better location than Music City to revive your sense of hope, fun, and connection, where over the course of 4 nights and 3 magical days, in the company of like-minded and inspiring women, you can slow down, reflect and reconnect with your joy. 

With the support of master coaches, you will discover easy, effective ways to nurture joy and keep it at the forefront of your lifestyle and schedule, without having to overhaul your current routine. 

You will learn how to balance rest with play to revive your curiosity - and view life as a great adventure again. ​

You will receive tons of support from your coaches and fellow retreat-goers as you reflect on and heal what has gotten in the way of experiencing all the goodness that life has to offer, and joyfully reclaim your goals, dreams, and desires.

You will once again experience the deep peace, playfulness, capability, and self-love that are your birthright. 

a piano sits outside in a field at the rhythm of joy retreat for women hosted by songwriter rebekah powell and life coach june grushka-rosen founder of extraordinary women's league

You might be thinking...

A retreat? I hardly have the energy to get through the week... how am I going to get the energy for a trip? 

Or maybe you've been longing for a getaway but think that now is not the right time.

We all have a "someday" list of things we'd like to do eventually. Some dreams or plans we secretly wonder if we'll ever get around to... or even deserve.

To quote the wise lyrics of John Legend:

"You deserve it all."

and the wise lyrics of John Lennon:

"You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you will join us"

blue nashville tennessee guitar
pink guitar with hearts on the rhythm of joy retreat for women's empowerment in nashville tn with life coaching from june grushka-rosen of extraordinary women's league and songwriter rebekah powell
women at rhythm of joy retreat in nashville tn stand in 12th south next to draper james tourist mural wall with extraordinary womens league
group of women smile outside in nashville tn on the rhythm of joy retreat drinking wine and having fun with extraordinary womens league founder June Grushka-Rosen and songwriter and life coach Rebekah Powell

There is still time to live the life you've dreamed of.
The time is now.

three guitars piano recording studio microphone music equipment next to a window in a building at the rhythm of joy retreat in nashville tn with extraordinary womens league founder june grushka-rosen and songwriter and life coach rebekah powell
Autumn Leaves


Your Nashville home-away-from-home is an historic mansion on Music Row, with welcoming rooms appointed to support deep rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. At every turn, you'll be supported to balance rest with play and connection.


Each day begins in the mid-morning with guided meditation and acoustic live music. This will give you the opportunity to sleep in, slow down, and release feelings of stress and overwhelm so you can feel energized again. 

You will use this deep rest, peace, and grounding to reconnect with yourself, and with the support of your coaches, ask the gentle questions:

When did you stop dancing?

When did you stop singing?

When did you stop being enchanted by stories?

According to Gabrielle Roth, “In many shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one [of these questions]." 


Together, we will explore the answers to these questions - and how to begin to dance, sing, and play again, with renewed clarity and self-love. 



Through each activity on the retreat you will become inspired and enabled to rediscover your childlike wonderand curiosity - the sense that anything is possible.

You'll be guided through experiential activities to help you reclaim your full voice and learn how to welcome and express all of who you are. 


Reacquainted with your true self, you'll move gently through any fear or self-doubt that might be keeping you from creating a life that feeds your soul and brings you genuine joy.

Retreat co-host, coach, and #1 award-winning songwriter Rebekah Powell has curated a series of unforgettable experiences based on her years growing up and working in the music industry that are exclusive to this retreat. You will have a music business insider's experience of Nashville that money cannot buy and no other tourist has ever had. 



The Rhythm of Joy retreat is an exploration and celebration of happiness and connection. Within our group of thoughtful, compassionate women, you will rest into a deep sense of belonging and cultivate friendships that extend far beyond the retreat. 

Over the past several years, we've experienced so much division and isolation. The Rhythm of Joy is all about finding a new rhythm by celebrating yourself fully and coming together in community for healing and solace within yourself and in all your relationships

Throughout the retreat, you'll be invited to explore connecting with yourself and others more deeply. Within the support of the group and your highly skilled coaches, you'll be able to practice new ways of being and connecting that will support you in building community in your daily life. 

In friendship, we find joy, laughter, ease, healing, and witness. We gather together to say "I see you. I get you. I'm with you." 

Through your personal and group experiences on the retreat, you will gain a true understanding of how to invite more ease and connection in your daily life

Are you ready to have
the time of your life?

woman at rhythm of joy retreat hosted by June Grushka-Rosen of Extraordinary women's league and Rebekah Powell, songwriter and life coachin nashville tn smiles in front of 12th south tourist mural wall
women tourists visiting the country music hall of fame nashville tn historic rca studio b on rhythm of joy retreat
front of music city mansion at rhythm of joy life coaching women's empowerment retreat in nashville tn with june grushka-rosen and rebekah powell. house has columns and is green. door is red.

The Venue

Nashville is the "Songwriting Capital of the World" and we will be staying in its very heart: Music Row.

Our venue is a lovingly-restored historic mansion right on music row, nestled amidst historic studios and buildings that have housed song publishers and record labels for decades. 

The mansion is appointed with spacious rooms, comfortable beds, and plenty of space to spread out. You'll delight in its historic character and enjoy exploring the many little reading and dining nooks spread throughout.

We'll be spending four nights here in the beating heart of Nashville. Each morning before we gather, you can choose your own adventure: sip sweet tea with new friends on the porch, journal in the morning light of the mansion's Great Room, or step out and explore "The Row."

From the mansion, you can walk to coffee shops and yoga studios, and along the way spot the banners that music companies display to congratulate their songwriters and artists on their latest hit songs -- and maybe even the writers and artists themselves!

teal living room with blue couches in the music city mansion at the rhythm of joy womens empowerment life coaching retreat in nashville tn with june grushka-rosen from extraordinary women's league and rebekah powell, songwriter and master coach

Our Music Row mansion is the perfect sanctuary to rest, play, connect, and rejuvenate while staying right in the middle of it all. 

three delicious biscuits stacked on top of each other at the rhythm of joy retreat in nashville for women hosted by june grushka-rosen and rebekah powell
chicken and waffles with blackberry compote on a plate at the rhythm of joy retreat for womens empowerment leadership life coaching in nashville tn

The Food

Nashville is a culinary destination, and its memorable dishes extend far beyond the famous (and delicious) hot chicken.

Hot buttered biscuits, ice cold sweet tea, delectable barbecue...

The cuisine of the American South is world famous for a reason - fresh ingredients and generations-old knowledge come together to make the most succulent, flavorful, comforting dishes imaginable. 

Each plate is a home-cooked masterpiece created with care and love. Nashville is known as "the Athens of the South," and it is a cultural and culinary destination that brings together the best of all the flavors and traditions of the region. 

During your retreat, you will enjoy refreshing local favorites, "family style" feasts, and refined farm-to-table dinners. 

And don’t forget to leave room for the cocktails! Artists have been singing about Tennessee whiskey for decades, and you can join the chorus! 

You must also remember to grab some of the local treats - GooGoo Clusters, Colt's Bolts, and buttermilk biscuit mix - to take home and recreate the Nashville magic! 

fresh salad with southern food for touring on a plate at the rhythm of joy retreat for womens empowerment leadership life coaching in nashville tn
apple pie southern food for touring on a plate at the rhythm of joy retreat for womens empowerment leadership life coaching in nashville tn

I'm coming to Nashville!

cowboy boots in store in downtown broadway nashville tennessee tn at the rhythm of joy retreat for womens life coaching and empowerment

"The best thing about bein' a woman
is the prerogative to have a little fun"
- Shania Twain

pink guitar with hearts at the rhythm of joy retreat for womens empowerment leadership life coaching in nashville tn
blue guitar with hearts at the rhythm of joy retreat for womens empowerment leadership life coaching in nashville tn

Your Itinerary

Night 1

"Come Together"

On the evening of your arrival, you'll be welcomed to our music row mansion! 

  • Check-in at The Mansion

  • After settling in, meet your hosts and fellow extraordinary women who have come together for this retreat at a wine and cheese welcome party.

  • Enjoy bubbles and fresh bites!

  • Kick back on the rocking chairs in the crisp October evening air 

cheese plate with fruit at the rhythm of joy retreat for women in nashville, tn hosted by extraordinary women's league founder june grushka-rosen and songwriter and life coach rebekah powell
three women smile at dinner on vacation at the rhythm of joy retreat for women in nashville, tn hosted by extraordinary women's league founder june grushka-rosen and songwriter and life coach rebekah powell

Day 1

"Dancing Queen"

On our first morning, we begin to explore what we need in order to feel playful, creative, and curious again.  

  • Opening ceremony with live music

  • Guided meditations

  • Focused group coaching modules on reviving your play and creativity

  • Deep-dive breakout coaching sessions to foster connection

  • Tour famous historic RCA Studio B

  • "Honky Tonking" on Lower Broadway

Day 2

"Bless the Broken Road"

This will be a day you'll never forget!!! Together, we'll explore expressing our full range of emotions in all their vibrancy. We'll honor the losses and embrace a new path forward in community.​​

  • Morning of live music and guided meditation

  • Focused group coaching modules on identifying and releasing the patterns that get in the way of being fully seen, heard, and valued, so you can experience deep gratitude and aliveness 

  • "Find Your Full Voice" Workshop 

  • Magical countryside "Old Nashville" guitar pull and healing circle

life coach and songwriter rebekah powell plays music and guitar for women at the rhythm of joy retreat in nashville tennessee
woman poses in front of 12th south nashville tourist mural wall on the rhythm of joy retreat for women's empowerment leadership and life coaching

Day 3


On Sunday, our extraordinary group will head out to a spectacular brunch in Nashville's 12th South neighborhood (be sure to snap photos at all the murals!). Then we'll gather to integrate everything we've discovered along the journey and create a roadmap for how to take all the goodness and magic home with you.

  • Brunch and exploring in 12th South

  • Integration coaching

  • Create your "Roadmap to Joy"

  • Group playtime, games,  and connection
  • Closing ceremony with live music 

Day 4

"Take Me Home, Country Roads"

Enjoy a leisurely and independent start to your morning.​

  • Final goodbyes

  • Check out of The Mansion

  • Parting gifts - take The Rhythm of Joy home with you 

piano covered in flowers plays music at the rhythm of joy retreat for women's empowerment leadership life coaching event vacation in nashville tennessee
Image by Jon Tyson


What's Included:

  • Daily deep-dive group coaching sessions and enriching conversations with June and Rebekah Friday-Sunday, all in service of expanding your joy, play, and connection.

  • 4 nights lodging in "Music City Mansion"

  • Rhythm of JOY Retreat Workbook

  • Pre-trip preparation call 

  • "Finding Your Full Voice" Workshop

  • Live music throughout retreat 

  • Opening and closing ceremonies

  • Admission to RCA Studio B and Country Music Hall of Fame

  • All ground transportation to scheduled retreat events and excursions

  • Sparkling wine and cheese welcome 

  • Continental breakfasts for guests staying on-site in The Mansion

  • Saturday lunch and dinner 

  • Snacks and beverages 

  • Surprises and gifts

What's NOT included in your experience:

  • Round-trip airfare from your originating location

  • Transport to and from Nashville International Airport, BNA (ride shares such as Uber and Lyft are very easy and available at BNA, and the mansion is about 15 minutes from the airport)

  • Meals not listed 

  • Alcoholic beverages not listed, incidentals, or other activities not explicitly mentioned

  • Souvenirs and shopping sprees

  • Transportation outside of provided travel to/from scheduled retreat activities

  • Tips for drivers or services occurring outside of scheduled retreat activities

  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance (which is strongly recommended)

  • For Nashville residents selecting "locals" package, lodging in Music City Mansion and continental breakfasts are not included

Meet Your Coaches

Rebekah Powell, award-winning songwriter and master life coach, smiles in front of piano and guitar on the rhythm of joy retreat for women in nashville

Rebekah Powell is a #1 award-winning songwriter, certified master life coach, and Nashville native.

After growing up in Nashville in a family of hit songwriters (her father is #1 award-winning writer/producer Monty Powell), she began her music career at the age of 16 when she became the youngest person to ever perform for Congress to advocate for songwriters’ rights.


She’s gone on to work with celebrated artists and producers such as Zooey Deschanel (of She & Him), Ward Thomas, James Otto, Sarah Darling, Aaron Eshuis, Jennette McCurdy, Dav & Johnny Julca, TyDi, Alice on the Roof, and many others. She has over 50 cuts on major, best-selling, and critically-acclaimed albums in several genres and received a #1 Award for her 10-song contribution to Ward Thomas’s chart-topping record Cartwheels, the first and only country album to ever reach #1 in the UK. 

In 2017, she was certified by the Institute for Equus Coaching to facilitate transformative inner work in partnership with horses and in 2022 certified as a Master Facilitator Equus Coach, the training for which incorporates the work and tools of Martha Beck and Brené Brown, among others. She has completed continuing education courses on nature-based coaching, crafting ceremonies, boundaries, understanding trauma, and mindful self-compassion with Drs. Kristin Neff and Christopher K. Germer, and completed 5 years of coursework at the Institute for the Work of Byron Katie, a meditative tool that supports people in identifying and transforming painful beliefs. She is currently training to be a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner.

Over the last decade plus, she has hosted experience-based retreats and workshops on self-compassion, authenticity, boundaries and resilience, and creativity and play (among others), and co-facilitated quarterly team-building keynotes on the art of collaboration for a Fortune 100 company. ​She currently serves as a mentor for Nashville Songwriters Association International. 


When working with clients, she believes each individual is his/her/their own best teacher, and her role as a coach is to be a channel of love, support, and service, creating a safe space for her clients to experience self-love, peace, and joy.

June Grushka-Rosen M.Ed. is the Founder and CEO of ExtraordinarYou Co. and the Extraordinary Women’s League.
An Empowered Women’s Life, Love, and Leadership Coach with a master’s degree in counseling psychology, she has decades of experience working as a therapist and
coaching individuals, groups, organizations, and corporations. She’s the Founder and CEO of both ExtraordinarYou, counseling and coaching private clients, and the Extraordinary Women’s League (EWL), a passion project supporting a powerhouse community of extraordinary women throughout the country.


June believes in the power that dreaming holds and used her training as a therapist, her entrepreneurial creativity, strong strategic leadership acumen, and keen listening ability to develop the EWL, a group like no other. She has established modalities that allow her clients to experience a transformational shift with the creation of the EWL model,
supporting women to experience more meaningful connection to themselves, their dreams, and their goals personally and within community.

The EWL cultivates and inspires connection, introduces thought leaders who are breaking glass and kicking ass, provides well over 30 motivational and informative workshops per year, and creates spectacular live events as well as local, national, and international retreats, providing highly skilled coaching and partnering with her clients on solutions to their specific needs. June’s talent for creating safety and an authentic growth community is often the guiding light in reminding women just how extraordinary they already are.
Highly respected in her field, June is known for embracing her clients with a deep understanding, laser-sharp guidance, honed strategic tools, and a giant heart.
Her signature framework for living an Extraordinary Life has helped thousands of women reignite their passion and purpose, untangle old patterns, and breakthrough
limiting beliefs by guiding women to discover or rediscover the unstoppable confidence to actualize an extraordinary life.


On a very personal note, June's journey during the pandemic forever changed her life. It is with eternal gratitude for the power of community and a “Love Army” of people that wrapped themselves around her and her two kids when her husband Jonathan was gravely ill surviving COVID in 2020. Harnessing the power of humanity within us all, June is a firm believer that when we live in the field of miracles, miracles happen.

June Grushka-Rosen, founder of Extraordinary Women's League and master life coach smiles on the rhythm of joy retreat in nashville tn
Image by Jon Tyson


What if I can't afford a trip? 

  • Friends, this is not like any other retreat (or experience) you'll ever have! This is an investment in the vibrancy and enjoyment of your whole one life. The coaching alone is worth the cost of the retreat, and the curated experiences that are exclusive to this retreat literally can't be accessed any other way. This retreat is largely based on Rebekah's lifetime of connections and community in the music industry, which makes the experience priceless.  And not to worry! There are payment plans available to make this a non-issue for you so you can start packing your bags!

I'm not a singer or musician... will I still enjoy this? 

  • Absolutely! While this retreat has music at its heart (many activities are inspired by or involved with music), none of it requires singing from the participants. If you want to sing, you'll have opportunities to! But there is no music or singing experience required.

Do I have to participate in all the activities?

  • No. This retreat has been thoughtfully curated to prioritize your rest, play, joy, and connection to yourself and others.  Each activity has been selected to serve you. However we honor that you know your needs best, and you can opt-out of any experience. (Please note that there will not be any monetary credits made for opting out of scheduled activities).

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions? 

  • Yes! For the included meals, we can accommodate dietary restrictions. For the meals out, Nashville is used to tourism and is typically very accommodating.

I have so many responsibilities, how am I supposed to get away for a long weekend?

  • This is exactly why you should come on the retreat! Making time for yourself to reconnect with your aliveness, creativity, and joy allows you to fall back in love with life again. Rejuvenated in this way, you'll be able to show up as the best version of yourself in all areas of your life. You will return home inspired and transformed, which will have massive ripple effects on the rest of your life. 

I'm not sure about traveling with people I don't know...

  • We totally get this! It takes courage to join a new group and step into the unknown. June and Rebekah have years of experience facilitating groups and creating inclusive, welcoming, safe communities. Plus, you will have the opportunity to connect with your fellow retreat-goers in a private virtual group space before the trip! We'll also gather on a pre-retreat call so that we can all meet and get comfortable with each other. 

I live in Nashville but I'd like to attend. Is this possible?

  • Absolutely! For the most enriching experience, you're encouraged to make this a true retreat and stay on-site. If you'd prefer to sleep at home, we have a "locals" package available for Nashville residents who wish to attend but don't need lodging. 

What are the dates again? 

  • October 17 - 21, 2024

Check in: 4pm, Thursday, Oct. 17

Check out:10am, Monday, Oct. 21

  • The coaching modules begin Friday morning the 18th and conclude on Sunday the 20th at 4pm. If it's more convenient, you can fly out Sunday evening. 

I have more questions. Can I talk to someone?

I can't miss this!

the headstock of a gibson guitar sits against a neutral wall on the rhythm of joy womens retreat in nashville tn for womens leadership life coaching

During the Retreat I was able to finally focus on me without distractions. This allowed me to examine past behaviors and patterns and reprioritize my life with special attention to my needs. I was also able to further explore my spiritual side, connect with nature and the universe while tapping into inherent gifts. I am rejuvenated and rededicated to me!


Some of the highlights for me were connecting with new people, extraordinary women, being vulnerable while learning to trust myself and others and intentionally taking time just for me. Also witnessing and experiencing Breakthroughs and Triumphs, while connecting with the Coaches was PHENOMENAL!


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